Monday, June 15, 2009

An unheard of psychiatrist appointment

Saw the new psych today. He spent over an hour with us (my husband and sister both went with me). He asked a bazillion questions to all of us, read the 5 page typed up paper I gave him with my symptoms, questions, and medication history, and I felt, listened to our answers. What kind of psych actually spends time with a patient? I mean even if you pay for a therapist appointment you only get 45 minutes. Psychiatrists usually leave you feeling very rushed and give you 10-15 minutes max. I was shocked to have a psychiatrist spend so much time with me.

He has an entirely different approach to all this so could be good/could be bad, but at this point; what's the harm in trying?

He gave me a couple of medications he would like me to decide about trying. He asked that my family and I review the materials, research the medications and decide which one we'd like to try. Another first, a doctor that wants me to have some sort of decision making in all this.

I am still very concerned that this will not help or will make me feel anxious again or that if it doesn't work I'll be more hopeless, but like anything, I'll never know if I don't try.

At least I felt listened to, which is a totally new thing with psychs.

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  1. Oh Yay!! I am hoping this is the first step towards feeling good for you. You deserve that.