Friday, June 12, 2009

PJ shopping

Yesterday Carson put on his jammies for bedtime and he didn't look like he was ready for bed, he looked like he was ready for a flood. I know I'm barely walking through my life with any awareness right now, but my golly how did I not notice his need for new PJ's? I'm actually quite picky about clothes, but I guess PJ's don't get my attention.

So I cashed that check from yesterday and went and got him some new PJ's (not all the money obviously). Both he and Nathan were fantastic the whole shopping trip. We went to Toys R Us to get a birthday gift for their cousin first. Not a word was said by either of them about any toys for them. We got exactly what we were looking for and Carson wanted to go pay for it. He was talking about how Braden would love it. Never asked to look at things for himself.

We went to Once Upon a Child and he asked to look at the toys while I picked out stuff to try on. Then he just came and tried on some PJ's and went to the register with me. Nathan sat in the cart the whole time.

We also went to the mall to look at jammies there and they had a craft sale so we shopped around a long time.

Their only request all day was a pretzel at the mall. I wish people could see them when they are being angels.

The most important part of that post is that I was able to get off my exhausted, sleepy butt and get that done.

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