Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doctor Penguin

Today Nathan had a follow up appointment with Dr. Dobbs at Children's Hospital. We had to wait while Dr. Dave made a repair to the brace. They were busy and Dr. Dave was without his helpers so we had to wait awhile (we gladly said we would so others could get their tiny babies out quickly, they didn't just ignore us or anything. Nathan likes it there so we don't mind.)

Anyhow.... that was a long, useless, parenthetical phrase....

While we were waiting on the brace, Nathan asked to sit on the stool. I told him that was for doctor's only and he couldn't sit there, it was dangerous.

A few minutes later, he put penguin on the stool. Penguin is Nathan's best buddy (he's actually a quadruplet penguin, he just doesn't know it).

Nathan put penguin on the stool and then sat back into the chair. He then told me, "Penguin Doctor". Penguin Doctor, (or Dr. Penguin I'm not sure how to respectfully address a penguin with a doctorate)then conducted an exam of Nathan's foot. Dr. Dobbs will, I'm sure, be glad to know that Penguin Doctor concurred with his medical opinion.


  1. I LOVE it!! Next time we are in town, I would love to have Matthew seen by Dr Penguin.

  2. Dr. Penguin accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, and Cuddles