Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pretty good day

I got some clothes for next summer for Carson for only $2.60 a piece at JCP today!

The boys got to ride in one of those silly things at the mall. Seeing Nathan smile so huge as the rocket ship turned from side to side was well worth the 75 cents. I think he was almost as excited as I would be in a real rocket. (okay maybe not that excited)

I spent a long time talking to our neighbor (who's not home often, but very nice). We talked some about my depression and she was super sweet. She gave me an uplifting article from her church about leaning on God during the hard times with depression. It also had a really fun article about sloths (the animal, not lazy people). I love to read and watch things about nature.

Wow! Three things today. Small, but for me, it's a great day to be able to recognize three really good moments.

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