Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swimmy, swim

Well, the medicine isn't having much effect today, but no negative side effects.

Now to the bright spot... My nephew's birthday pool party was today and it was packed with wild 3-6 year olds and a ton of adults I didn't know and I was not all anxious. Yep, no anxiety attacks. There was even a time when I had 4 kids (3 of whom I did not know at all) literally climbing on me and asking to jump off of me. I let them use me as a springboard and kind of enjoyed it.

Also, Carson is still not a brave soul, but it was Nathan's first time since he was a few months old that he's seen a pool and he got in with me. After a while he got a big wave of water shoved up his nose and mouth and he was crying and wanted out, but later, he wanted back in! He loved it and had so much fun. He did not want to spend any time where he was not belly to belly with me, but he was kicking his feet and splashing around. He also discovered the water jet and had a good time letting it tickle him.
Funny extra, he would NOT take his shoes off, but he was in crocs so we just let him wear them in the pool.

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